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Changzhou Shengxuan Textile Co., Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of cotton and cotton bombs, cotton and polyester elastic Khaki card, poplin, satin, jacquard, bamboo, cavalry oblique, corduroy, yarn-dyed fabrics, the main processing dyeing, Air washing, digital printing and so on. Products are exported to Japan, South Korea and Europe and the United States market, and with Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin and other well-known domestic women's, children's clothing and other brands of enterprises to establish a good relationship of cooperation.
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    The company's strengths: rapid analysis, rapid quotes, quick lofting, development ability. Always put the customer's satisfaction in the first place, depending on the quality of the company's life.
  • Culture

    Integrity of the company's soul, strict quality control, the implementation of standardized management, the full implementation of the US standard quarter system, the company uphold integrity, pragmatic, innovative, win-win concept, to undertake domestic
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